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*****140 mph Cat 4 with a pressure down to 942 mb!! Devastating/catastrophic landfall today!*****

- Hurricane Ian has rapidly strengthened after completing the eyewall replacement cycle to a 140 mph Cat 4 with higher gusts! It will make a devastating/catastrophic landfall this afternoon and then traverse the state with hurricane-force gusts as it weakens. There will also be 12 to as much as 24 inches of rain and some tornadoes. It will then emerge into the Atlantic as a tropical storm before making another landfall near the GA/SC border as a tropical storm with strong wind gusts along the coast with storm surge (see images below).

- I have included all of the rain, wind, and storm surge maps below, but with the recent intensification the wind gusts will be even higher where it makes landfall.

- It looks like the rain shield will reach Long Island Saturday afternoon with rain into at least Sunday morning with wind gusts up to 30 mph on Sunday.

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