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Timing the Approaching Rain and Watching the Tropics

The beautiful weather will continue today for Long Island, but it appears that rain is approaching. Clouds will increase tomorrow morning into afternoon, and some showers are possible by late afternoon or evening. The rain looks to continue into Friday morning, but then there should be a break until Friday afternoon or evening when more showers move in. Although the models have not quite converged on the actual timing, it looks like the sun should return and bring nice weather for Saturday afternoon. The nice weather should continue for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday next week. This image shows the location of the rain at 8 PM tomorrow:

Image from

Regarding the tropics, the storm out in the Atlantic will continue to head towards the east coast of the United States; however, it looks like it will remain weak and disorganized. I will continue to watch it and post updates. This map shows the intensity forecast for the storm from the various models:

Image from

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