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Hurricane Gert to Threaten East Coast of United States Early Next Week?

The European model is showing a tropical system will intensify into what could become Hurricane Gert and come close to the southeast coast of the United States early next week. The GFS model was picking up on this system last week, but for the last few days, it is not showing any development of it. Some of the other models are agreeing with the European model. At this time, it appears that if it does develop into Hurricane Gert, it could be not far off the coast of Florida by Monday morning. A trough of low pressure coming into the northeast early next week should be strong enough to pick up the storm and keep it just off the coast, but this bears watching since it's still 7 days away.

The following image is from the European model, and it's showing a potential Hurricane Gert as a 983 mb storm offshore from the east coast of Florida as of 8:00 Monday morning:

Image from

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