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Long Island Weather for the Next Week and a Note on the Tropics

Today should be another nice day on Long Island with mostly sunny skies, relatively low humidity, and temperatures in the low 80's. Tomorrow will become increasingly cloudy by late afternoon with temperatures again close to 80 degrees. Any potential shower activity should hold off until late Friday night. Saturday will be cloudy with occasional showers with temperatures in the mid 70's. Sunday should turn out fairly dry with just a chance of a few morning showers, but it's a close call as a frontal system should stay just to our south, but it needs to be monitored. High pressure should be able to suppress the frontal system to our south, so that Monday through Wednesday should be beautiful, sunny days with temperatures close to 80 degrees.

A quick note on the tropics: while there is still the potential for Tropical Storm Gert to form later this weekend, it won't pose any threat to the east coast of the United States. We are entering the peak of the hurricane season (mid August until early October), so we can expect more tropical activity in the coming weeks.

This image shows the path of the tropical system that could develop into Tropical Storm Gert later this weekend:

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