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Hurricane Gert and the Next Tropical System

Hurricane Gert has sustained winds of 75 mph with gusts to 90 mph, and the storm is heading north off the east coast of the United States. It should continue to strengthen today, and it could become a category 2 hurricane by tomorrow. It doesn't pose any threat to land, and it should begin curving northeast later today. The following image is from the GFS model, and it's showing the location of Hurricane Gert as of 2 AM on Wednesday:

Image from

There are 2 more tropical waves out in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. It now looks like the 2nd system may be the one that eventually develops into a hurricane. There is still a great deal of uncertainty, but the GFS model run from last night shows a hurricane affecting Florida and also up into North Carolina later this month. There is plenty of time to watch this though.

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