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As Hurricane Gert With 120 MPH Gusts Races Northeast, What Will the Weather be Through Eclipse Day o

Hurricane Gert now has sustained winds of 100 mpg with gusts as high as 120 mph, but it's racing northeast out to sea and will steadily weaken.

For Long Island, today will be partly cloudy with temperatures in the low 80's. Showers and thunderstorms are expected between 5 AM Friday and 5 AM Saturday, but there will be dry slots when it's just cloudy. It should clear up and be mostly sunny Saturday afternoon with temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. Sunday and Monday will be sunny with temperatures in the mid 80's, but of course Monday afternoon the moon will obscure the sun for a while!

I am continuing to watch the tropics for signs of the next hurricane, and there are 3 tropical waves that bear watching, but there is nothing imminent at this time.

The following image is from the GFS model, and it's showing projected rainfall amounts through Saturday morning with amounts generally close to 1 inch:

Image from

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