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Massive Flooding Expected in Southeast Texas from Harvey! 15 to 25 inches of Rain is Expected as Sto

It is becoming increasingly likely that Ex-Harvey will regenerate into a Tropical Storm tomorrow and possibly a minimal Hurricane before making landfall on Friday somewhere near Corpus Christi, Texas. Massive flooding is expected as the storm will be stall and meander for days over southeast Texas. Widespread rainfall amounts of 15 to 25 inches are expected (see image below). There is support from all of the major computer models, with just variations in exact strength and track. The latest run of the GFS model even shows it re-emerging just offshore and re-strengthening before making a second landfall, this time in Louisiana.

In addition, Tropical Storm Irma is expected to form late this weekend or early next week just offshore of the southeast coast of the United States. It is expected to brush the coast of SC and NC before heading out to sea, as the high pressure to the north will prevent the storm from coming north to Long Island.

A third system is expected to emerge off the coast of Africa and quickly develop into a hurricane (Jose would be the next name) late this weekend into early next week. However, it is not expected to impact the United States.

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