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While Harvey Continues to Dump Rain on Texas, Will the Next Storms (Irma and Jose) Affect Long Islan

Harvey will continue to spin over Texas and gradually dissipate by the middle to end of next week, but not after some unfathomable rainfall totals that may approach 50 inches! However, what about the next storms? A weak system may develop into Tropical or Subtropical Storm Irma in the next couple of days. It looks to brush the coast of NC and SC with rain and gusty winds. The models have trended it closer to Long Island, so we may get some rain from it Tuesday night, but it should stay far enough offshore to spare us heavy rain and gusty winds.

The GFS and the European model are showing another storm that may eventually develop into Hurricane Jose (unless Irma isn't taken by the storm that may develop off the southeast coast the next couple of days). The GFS model is showing that it may grow into a monster Hurricane off the east coast of the United States around September 10th (see image below). It certainly bears watching, but it's much too soon to know if it will develop, let alone how strong it will get and where it will go.

The following image from the GFS model shows a potential monster hurricane off the east coast of the United States on September 10th:

Image from

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