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While Category 4 Hurricane Irma is on Track to Hit Key West and Hug the West Coast of Florida, Hurri

As of 4 AM EST, Hurricane Irma is a Category 4 hurricane, and it is on a track for Key West and then up the west coast of Florida, possibly with some or most of the eye staying offshore. It will obviously bring devastating winds, storm surge, and torrential rains. There is a great deal of media coverage that will bring the latest detailed and up-to-date information on the storm.

The next concern may be Hurricane Jose. While it is slowly weakening for now, it was almost a Category 5 hurricane. It is expected to do a loop out in the Atlantic Ocean over the next week and then possibly head very close to the east coast of the United States. The GFS overnight run has the storm taking an eerily-similar path to Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and heading westward into near Atlantic City, New Jersey. Previous runs have also taken it into Long Island, NY. The Euro also shows the storm coming up the coast, but farther offshore. The overnight Euro run has it making landfall in eastern Maine. It's much too early to tell where the storm will eventually track. However, if it does make landfall somewhere in the mid-Atlantic or New England, it would be around September 19th or 20th.

The following image is from the GFS overnight run, and it's showing Hurricane Jose south of Long Island on September 20th:

Image from

The following image shows the GFS ensembles for Hurricane Jose, which shows the great amount of uncertainty in eventual track:

Image from

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