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Does the Northeast Have to Worry About Hurricane Jose?

Hurricane Irma has weakened to a Category 1 hurricane with 75 mph winds as of 5 AM EST as it continues its trek through Florida and into Georgia today. As the damage in southern Florida becomes assessed, it could have been even worse if the storm didn't spend so much time along the coast of Cuba. It weakened Hurricane Irma enough, so it didn't have enough time to re-strengthen to Category 5 status.

Hurricane Jose will be completing a loop out in the Atlantic Ocean this week, and by late week it will be once again heading closer to the southeast coast of the United States. Over this past weekend, both the GFS and Euro models were showing that Jose could eventually head north close enough to the coast to threaten Long Island and New England. The overnight runs are now showing the storm heading a little farther out to sea. However, this has to be watched over the next couple of days since it's still 7 to 9 days away, so I will continue to update as the new model runs come in.

The following images shows the GFS ensembles run from the overnight run, and it shows a few still bring Hurricane Jose into the United States:

Image from

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