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The Latest Track Information For Hurricane Jose and the Threat Potential For Long Island

Hurricane Jose has strengthened overnight and now has sustained winds of 80 mph with gusts to 90 mph. It appears that the track will take Jose well southeast of Montauk by Tuesday night. There will be a sharp gradient in rainfall and wind gusts as you head eastward on Long Island. New York City may only get a half of an inch of rain, but there is the potential for between 2 inches in Montauk. Also, wind gusts up to 55 mph are possible for Montauk.

I will be posting updates on the "My Personal Weatherman" Facebook page today, and I will also be updating on the potential next big hurricane, which is going to be a big problem for some of the Caribbean Islands, as well as the east coast of the United States.

The following image is from the GFS and it shows the location of Hurricane Jose as of 8:00 PM on Tuesday:

Image from

The following image shows the projected rainfall amounts from Hurricane Jose from the GFS model:

Image from

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