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Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Maria Could Both Impact Long Island

According to the new afternoon run of the Euro, Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Maria could both impact Long Island. Starting with Jose, the Euro brings it closer to Long Island than the other models. The following image from the Euro shows the location of Hurricane Jose as of 8 AM on Wednesday:

Image from

If the Euro is right with the placement and strength of the storm, it would mean widespread wind gusts of 40 mph to possibly as high as 70 mph on Long Island from Tuesday night into Wednesday night. However, it's too soon to tell the exact impacts, and I will be updating tomorrow with more details.

The following image from the Euro model is for exactly 7 days later than the image above, and it shows Hurricane Maria approaching Long Island:

Image from

The location of Hurricane Maria 10 days from now is still mostly just speculation. However, Puerto Rico is expected to take a direct hit from Hurricane Maria on Wednesday night, and it is expected to be a Category 3 hurricane at that time. I will be posting additional updates on the "My Personal Weatherman" Facebook page, and I expect to make another blog post early tomorrow morning.

The following image is the official National Hurricane Center forecast map for Hurricane Maria:

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