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GFS and Euro Trend Hurricane Maria Much Closer to North Carolina and Lee is Back From the Dead and W

The GFS and Euro models have continued to trend Hurricane Maria much closer to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina on Wednesday into early Thursday. This will have to be watched very closely over the next couple of days to see exactly how close the storm will come, and it's still possible that it can make landfall in North Carolina. However, even if it doesn't make landfall, it may come close enough to be heavy rain, strong wind gusts, and major coastal flooding.

Tropical Storm Lee has come back from the dead, and is expected to become a hurricane in a couple of days. It's a tiny storm right now, and it's way out in the Atlantic Ocean. At this time, it's not expected to make landfall.

There are also indications that another hurricane will be forming in the Caribbean in early October. At this time, it's much too early to know how strong it would be and where it would go.

The following image shows the Euro ensembles for Hurricane Maria:

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