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With Tropical Storm Maria and Hurricane Lee About to Move Away From the U.S., Where and When Will Na

Tropical Storm Maria and Hurricane Lee will soon be heading away from the United States. However, there are indications that the western Caribbean Sea may see development of a tropical system, which would be named Nate, sometime between October 7th and 15th. It's much too soon to tell how strong it would get and where it would go, but the water temperatures there are extremely warm as none of the recent hurricanes have gone there, which has a tendency to cool the water temperatures by upwelling of cooler water from the extreme wave agitation.

As for Long Island, the weather should remain dry for the next 6 days, with the exception of some possible light showers late Friday night into Saturday afternoon.

The following image shows the expected path of Hurricane Lee:

The following image shows the projected path of Tropical Storm Maria:

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