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Long Island Weather For the Next 7 Days

The recent dry weather on Long Island will continue over the next week. Today will be sunny with temperatures in the upper 60's with very low humidity. There is a chance of showers tomorrow, but rainfall amounts will be very light, with less than a quarter of an inch expected. From Sunday until next Friday, it will be mostly sunny with a gradual warming trend. Temperatures on Sunday will be in the upper 60's, but by next Thursday and Friday, it will be in the upper 70's. There are indications that by mid-October, the weather will return to more of a normal pattern, with cooler temperatures and more rain.

It still appears that a Tropical Storm or Hurricane will form in the western Caribbean around October 7th and it may affect southern Florida. It's too soon to tell, but I will be watching it and updating as the situation becomes clearer,

The following image from the GFS model shows total rainfall through next Friday:

Image from

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