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Long Island Weather Through Thanksgiving Weekend

Today: Partly cloudy and breezy with wind gusts over 20 mph. Temperatures in the upper 40's.

Saturday: Increasing clouds with temperatures in the low 50's. Strong southerly winds over 25 mph with showers arriving in the late afternoon.

Saturday night: Showers with a steady, heavier rain towards morning with the cold front. Temperatures staying in the 50's overnight.

Sunday: Rain ending in the morning and becoming very windy in the afternoon with wind gusts over 40 mph from the WNW. Temperatures slowly dropping throughout the entire day from 53 degrees at 7 AM to 43 degrees by 7 PM.

Thanksgiving week looks generally fair and chilly. Only a slight chance of a shower Wednesday morning with a frontal passage.

There is a chance of a storm later Thanksgiving weekend, possibly Sunday the 26th, but it's too early to tell.

The following image from the GFS model shows total precipitation amounts for the next 8 days:

Image from

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