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Very Cold Weather Coming to Long Island, But What About Snow?

Now that the cold front is passing Long Island, it looks like we are in store for an extended period of below normal temperatures, possibly right up until Christmas. It won't be too bad today and tomorrow with temperatures in the mid 40's, but the next several days after that will be in the upper 30's to around 40 degrees for the high temperature. However, the coldest weather looks to be from the middle to end of next week, where the high temperature may only be 30 degrees with temps in the upper teens to low 20's at night.

Regarding the potential for snow late Friday night into Saturday morning, the Canadian model is rather bullish, showing 6 to 10 inches for Long Island. However, the 2 best models, the Euro and the GFS, both have the storm barely skimming eastern Long Island. The models do have a bias for being too far offshore, so it's possible for the models to trend the storm closer to the coast. At this time, I would say that Suffolk could see an inch or two. I will be updating with any changes to the forecast. There is also a chance of some light rain or snow showers on Sunday, but it's nothing to worry about.

There is the potential for a bigger storm next Tuesday night into Wednesday, but it's possible that the storm would only bring snow to northern New England, as well as lake-effect snow to western NY. Looking ahead to the next couple of weeks, the cold air will be locked in place with multiple pieces of energy swinging by which will bring the potential for some snow if all of the right ingredients come together. It would be very difficult for the computer models to pick up on this more than a week in advance.

The following image is based on the Euro model, and it's showing total projected snowfall over the next 10 days:

Image from

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