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Warm Weather Coming, But Was That the Last of the Snow?

After a few inches of snow on Long Island (depending on your location) last night, very mild weather is coming. The snow will melt rapidly today as temperatures get up into the mid 40's with sunny skies. There will be some showers tomorrow night as a warm front moves through. Temperatures will be in the upper 40's tomorrow, but will get up to 60 degrees on Tuesday. Wednesday will bring record-breaking warmth to the northeast as temperatures get into the 70's away from the coast (see image below). It should even get into the mid-60's on Long Island. The late week period will bring some showers as the mild weather continues.

However, there are indications that a blocking pattern (see second image for projected North Atlantic Oscillation index) will finally develop later this month into early March. That pattern should bring below normal temperatures to the northeast with the potential for a coastal storm. It's too early to tell any specifics regarding timing, strength, or precipitation type at this time.

The following image from the GFS model shows projected temperatures for 1 PM Wednesday:

Image from

The following image shows the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) projections from the Euro model. It is projected to go negative late February into early March, which would indicate a blocking pattern:

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