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Two More Intense Storms - Massive Snow Totals for New England

- There will be 2 more intense storms... the first will be Wed/Thurs this week, and the second will be next Sunday night into Monday night. Total snowfall amounts from the Euro could reach 36 to 48 inches for parts of Maine (see first image).

- For the first storm, the exact track will determine snow amounts. It appears it will intensify to around 984 mb, so not quite as intense as the recent storm. However, it could still bring 50 mph wind gusts to some areas. The Euro is showing potential for 4 to 8 inches of snow on Long Island (see second image), but I would lean more towards 3 to 6 inches for now. The NAM only goes out 84 hours, but it's looking fairly snowy for Long Island. There is still a lot of uncertainty in snow amounts.

- The second storm obviously is more uncertain, but the GFS and Euro both show it with the potential to be a sub-980 mb storm. As of now, the Euro is showing massive snow amounts just inland.

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