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Major Snowstorm With Near-Blizzard Conditions on Track for Long Island

**Major snowstorm with near-Blizzard conditions on track for Long Island**

-The main time-frame is from 6 AM Wednesday to 6 AM Thursday.

-Sleet may mix in during tomorrow morning and potentially at times in Suffolk tomorrow afternoon.

-This storm will have colder air to work with so temps will be around 31 to 33 during the storm, so snow ratios may be as high as 10:1 or 11:1, and with total liquid precipitation expected to be around 1.5", snow amounts will generally be 8 to 14 inches on Long Island, except lower amounts for eastern Suffolk.

-Also, the air is much drier with this storm than the last one, so it creates strong evaporational cooling, and the roads have a much better chance of becoming snow-covered.

-Wind gusts up to 40 mph along with heavy wet snow will cause some power outages.

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