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Updates on Long Island Weather and Tropical Storms Beryl and Chris

1. Tropical Storm Chris (1st image) has formed off the coast of North Carolina, and it is expected to become a hurricane in 2 or 3 days. It will meander off the coast before pulling off to the northeast on Tuesday or Wednesday. The UKMET model (2nd image) actually brings it just east of Long Island and shows it hitting Cape Cod as a hurricane, but that model is an outlier right now. 2. Tropical Storm Beryl (3rd image) is down to 45 mph winds, and it shouldn't cause any major problems on the islands, but it can bring some heavy downpours and gusty winds. It will continue to weaken for now. 3. Long Island (4th image) is in a great stretch of weather with a mostly sunny and dry week. We do have to watch for the slight chance of a few showers Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday with a front, but it should be a dry passage. Temps will mostly be in the mid 80's this week. 4. The 5th image shows wave heights for Thursday morning from Hurricane Chris. Timing is still slightly uncertain though.

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