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Long Island Forecast

- Today: There will be some scattered showers and thunderstorms at times possibly with locally heavy downpours and possible flash flooding due to the slow movement. It won't rain everywhere though, and most of the day should be ok. Temps in the upper 70's and humid. - Tomorrow (Tuesday): Partly to mostly cloudy, and there is still a chance of a couple of widely scattered showers and thunderstorms at times. Temps in the low 80's and fairly humid again. - Wednesday to Friday: Mostly sunny and very warm with highs in the upper 80's with moderate levels of humidity on Wednesday and Thursday, and it will be more humid on Friday. - A cold front should bring some showers late Friday night into early Saturday morning. - The weekend looks pretty good with temps in the mid 80's and just a slight chance of a widely scattered shower or thunderstorm. - The 1st image is the model blend temps, and the 2nd image is the total projected rainfall for the next 10 days from the Euro. As you can see, the Euro isn't showing a lot of rain for Long Island. However, as we saw yesterday, and isolated slow-moving thunderstorm can dump a quick 1 to 3 inches if rain.

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