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Outlook for Long Island and a Note on Hurricanes

- Heat Advisory for Nassau and the city today and tomorrow. - Mostly sunny with temps of 88 to 90 degrees today for Long Island and 89 to 92 tomorrow. Moderate humidity today and more humid tomorrow. - Cold front comes through Friday evening with showers and thunderstorms with the potential for heavy downpours as the precipitable waters will be over 2 inches. - The weekend looks pretty good, but we can't rule out a passing shower Saturday afternoon/evening. Cooler, especially on Sunday with temps only in the mid 70's with a northeast breeze. - Monday and Tuesday look good with temps in the upper 70's. - It now looks like the cold front will come through Wednesday morning with some showers. - Thursday and Friday look great with low humidity! - A subtropical depression may develop in the middle of the Atlantic, but it's nothing to worry about at all. - Another hurricane may pass just south of Hawaii again next week.

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