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Long Island Weather, Hurricane Lane, and the Potential for a Tropical System in Early September

Update on Long Island weather, Hurricane Lane, and potential trouble with a tropical system for the east coast in early to mid Sept. - Mostly sunny with highs in the low 80's today through Sunday. Humidity increases a little each day. - Heat wave Monday to Thursday with highs mostly in the upper 80's and humid with dew points in the low 70's. - It looks like there might be rain next Friday into Saturday with cooler temps. - Hurricane Lane continues to weaken; however, it will still bring incredible rainfall amounts that could approach 40 inches in some spots. While the Euro keeps the center well away from Hawaii, the GFS and HWRF still bring it very close to Maui and Lanai, which could bring stronger wind gusts over 70 mph if that verifies. - There are 2 or 3 potential tropical systems to watch in the Atlantic in the coming week or two. There is no real concern at this time, but there is a slight chance that one of them could develop and move either towards Florida into the Gulf of Mexico or move close to the east coast of the United States.

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