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Long Island Weather and a Look at the Tropics

- Today: Partly to mostly sunny and hot with highs close to 90 degrees with moderate to high levels of humidity. - Heat Advisory for tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday with temps in the low to mid 90's with dew points in the low 70's, which will make the heat index close to 100 degrees. - A cold front approaches on Thursday, but it will still be very warm and humid with highs in the upper 80's. Showers and thunderstorms in the late afternoon or evening. - Complex scenario for Friday to Monday as we will be in a battle ground between high pressure over SW Canada and waves of low pressure that will be forming along the stalled frontal boundary to our south. This will lead to a lot of clouds all weekend with some showers at times. A lot of the weekend will end up being dry though, so don't cancel any plans yet. It's just too soon to pinpoint exactly when it will rain. - The Euro ensembles continue to indicate the potential for a tropical system in the Atlantic in early to mid-September. Nothing specific to worry about yet. I will continue to watch it.

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