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105 MPH Hurricane Florence a Potential Threat to East Coast

*Major Developments for 105 mph Hurricane Florence* - Florence has unexpectedly strengthened to 105 mph despite experiencing wind shear, dry air, and marginal ocean temps. - Major shift in the models, especially the Euro ensembles, towards the east coast of the United States, particularly the SE coast. Most of the other models also bring it towards the east coast, although some have it veer away at the last minute before making landfall. It's too soon to tell, but if these trends continue today and tomorrow, it must be considered a major threat. - Gordon made landfall near the border of the Alabama/Mississippi coastline last night just shy of hurricane-strength. - As for Long Island, hot today and tomorrow with highs near 90. Cold front comes through with showers tomorrow evening/night. Much cooler for the weekend. Highs will only be in the upper 60's on Sunday with an easterly breeze. Could be a few showers Fri night into Sat morning. Warmer with rain for Tues/Wed next week with possible heavy downpours.

Here are the Euro ensemble tracks:

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