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Hurricane Florence Bears Down on Carolina Coast

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**Hurricane Florence Update - Models continue to show stall and then drift down the coast and then into SC**

- All of the models now show the storm basically approaching Wilmington, NC and then stalling and drifting SW down the coast and making landfall in SC, with the Euro even showing landfall near Savannah, Georgia. I will post all of the models below. - Winds are 130 mph, but strengthening to 145 mph today is likely. It should weaken to about 125 mph as it approaches the coast. - Excessive rainfall amounts of 15 to 25 inches are likely along the coast. - Long duration of extreme wind gusts of 80 to 120 mph likely along southern coast of NC for 24 to 36 hours. - The National Hurricane Center is slow to adjust their forecast cone as they said "out of respect to continuity". I believe Hurricane Watches should be extended all along the Georgia coast as well. - Please seek out all official information, especially regarding storm surge if you are near the coast. - Tropical Storm Isaac has the potential to strengthen after it gets into the Caribbean, and it could turn northward across Cuba, but there is a high amount of uncertainty.

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