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Potential For Hurricane Michael to Form, Long Island Weather, and 2 Cat 5's!

- The 1st image shows the Euro ensemble tracks for Leslie and potential Michael. Several of the tracks go towards the central Gulf coast and several into the west coast of Florida next week. It's much too early to know the track or strength, so we just have to keep watching it. The main Euro run shows a Tropical Storm off the east coast of Florida (2nd image). - For Long Island, some showers with the cold front tonight. Heavier rain upstate and in New England. Perfect weather with temps in the mid to upper 60's tomorrow night at Yankee Stadium for the Wild Card game against Oakland. A cold front will come through Thursday night, so there may be a brief shower, but then it will be cooler for Fri and Sat. It doesn't look like any rain for the weekend into the middle to end of next week with above average temps and humidity next week. - For the 5th time in the last 40 years, there are simultaneous Cat 5's with Hurricane Walaka and Super Typhoon Kong-Rey in the Pacific. - Leslie is on the verge of becoming a hurricane finally.

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