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Upcoming Weather for Long Island and the Northeast

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- The cold and basically dry week continues. Can't rule out some light snow for Cape Cod tomorrow morning, and then a very weak system could bring some light snow or showers for PA to Long Island on Thursday. - The next storm will be a big rain event for the east coast, especially for the southeast and mid-Atlantic coast. For Long Island, it basically looks like rain for Friday night into Saturday afternoon, but some light spotty showers could even linger at times into Sunday. - Temps will continue to go up and down, and there are indications that it will turn colder just in time for Christmas.

The next 3 images (from are from the FV3-GFS model, and they are for 1 PM Friday, 1 AM Saturday, and 1 PM Saturday to show the general timing of the storm this weekend. However, there is still uncertainty in the exact track and timing of the rain for Long Island.

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