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A Look at the Upcoming Weather and a Chance for Snow Around Christmas for the Northeast

- Let me start off with the longer-term weather around Christmas. Some of the Euro ensembles are starting to show a snowstorm for the northeast either on Christmas Day or the day after Christmas. It's still way too early to know, but 5 of the 51 Euro ensembles, including the control run of the ensembles are showing more than 8 inches of snow on Long Island over the next 15 days, with most of that around the 25th/26th. So while it's still only a slight chance, the odds have increased in the last couple of days. Also, the Euro ensembles are showing colder weather around Christmas. - A weak system this morning and afternoon will bring some snow showers (mixing with rain showers on Long Island). Maybe a coating on grassy surfaces on the north shore of Long Island, but an inch or two can't be ruled out north and west of NYC. - Rain for Friday night into Saturday afternoon, and then the 2nd storm (a coastal storm) will bring more rain for Long Island and southern New England for Sunday afternoon into Monday morning, with some snow mixing in possibly away from the coast. The Euro is showing amounts less than an inch. - The next storm after that looks to be around the 21st with rain and maybe some wind for the northeast, but that will bring the colder air behind it, which could set the stage for a snowstorm around the 25th/26th.

The following image shows the total projected precipitation through 1 PM Sunday from the NAM model:

Image from

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