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Big Snowstorm Coming for the Northeast This Weekend

❄️Snow Update❄️

- First, we have the weak system for Friday morning which will bring 1 to 3 inches of snow for all but Long Island and southeastern New England.

- Regarding the storm for Saturday night into Sunday night, the Euro has now shifted the track more to the north, so it has the heavy snow for inland areas of New England. The GFS is the farthest south with the snow, but even the GFS has mixing with sleet and rain from central NJ to Long Island and parts of southeast New England. The FV3-GFS is kind of in the middle of the GFS and Euro, but the Canadian has the storm track well to the north of even the Euro, so it has mostly rain. If you're interested in the snow maps, I have posted the Euro and GFS snow maps in the last 2 images.

- The Euro ensembles are not particularly bullish on more of a southern track, but more than half of the GFS ensembles are showing more than 6 inches of snow for NYC.

- Either way, next Monday and Tuesday will be extremely cold in the northeast!

- There will be plenty of snowstorm opportunities for late January into February.

The following image shows the projected map for 7 AM Sunday from the GFS model:

Image from

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