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Very Cold Today, But Will There Be More Snow For Long Island?

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- Today will be the coldest day of this cold spell, and then the warming trend will start tomorrow. Then, it will be cooler early next week after the storm on Sunday, but then a warming trend begins again. - Some snow showers are possible today or tomorrow for New England and even on Long Island. - The weak system for Friday night may bring a period of snow showers for Long Island, although the better chance is to the southwest of Long Island. - From Long Island northward into central New England, the system for Sunday may start as a wintry mix before changing to rain with the chances for some snow accumulations increasing the farther north you go. - Another snowstorm can't be ruled out, especially after March 16th. 5 of the 51 Euro ensembles are showing more than 7 inches of snow for Long Island between March 16th and March 22nd.

The following image is from the FV3-GFS model, and it shows the system for Sunday at 7AM:

Image from


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