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East Coast Storm Next Week, But Will It Stay Offshore?

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No major changes to the general forecast for Long Island and southern New England: - Mild on Friday with scattered showers and thunderstorms with temps in the mid 50's for Long Island. - The showers will end Friday night, and Saturday will become mostly sunny, but chilly and breezy with temps mostly in the upper 40's. - Sunny and pretty cold on St. Patrick's Day with highs in the mid 40's. - There is still a chance of some rain or snow showers on Monday, but no accumulation is expected. - The odds still favor a storm system for next Wed/Thurs heading out to sea, but the new Euro run shows a 2nd storm forming and affecting the mid-Atlantic coast with mostly rain and wind on Friday. A few of the Euro ensembles are still showing snow for Long Island, so it can't be ruled out yet. Also, the Canadian model does show snow for Long Island next Thursday night (see image below). - It then warms up after the 23rd with widespread temperatures in the 50's and even 60's possible.

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