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Update on Both Storms as the Models Show a Snowstorm For Around the 27th, But Will They Be Right?

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- This Thursday there will be a cold front dropping down that will bring some showers, but then the models are divided on if there will be interaction with a southern stream piece of energy bringing a storm with more substantial rain for the northeast coast. The Euro is showing the storm with more rain for Thursday night into Friday morning. - The Euro, GFS, and FV3-GFS are all showing a snowstorm for Long Island and southern New England around March 27th. However, if you look at the Euro ensembles, you can see that most of them show rain. It's too soon to tell though, so this is something that will need to be watched. - This coming Sunday looks mild with temps in the upper 50's for Long Island.

The following image is from the GFS model for March 26th (the Euro shows the storm for the 27th):

Image from

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