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Parts of Long Island Will Reach the Low 80's Today

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- Very warm today for Long Island with northwest Nassau getting into the low 80's (see 1st image). It will be partly cloudy, and there is a pretty good chance of some showers and thunderstorms between 4 PM and 8 PM. - Tomorrow: Mostly sunny with temps in the upper 60's and a dry northwest breeze and low humidity, especially in the afternoon. - Wednesday: Mostly sunny with highs around 70 degrees and continued dry with a light northwest breeze. - Thursday: Increasing afternoon clouds with some showers possible at night with highs close to 70 degrees. - Friday: Mostly sunny with highs in the low 70's. - Saturday: Partly cloudy with highs around 70 degrees. There is a chance of some showers in the evening and at night. - There is still some uncertainty for Sunday/Monday, but so far Sunday looks pretty good, and there may be a few showers on Memorial Day in the morning. - Big-time threat for strong tornadoes with large hail for Texas into Oklahoma today into tonight. - 1st image: Projected high temperatures for today. - 2nd image: Severe weather outlook for today from the Storm Prediction Center.

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