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Heat Advisory, Hurricanes, and Thunderstorms

See the "My Personal Weatherman" Facebook page for daily updates.

- There is a Heat Advisory today for Long Island, with the exception of southeastern Suffolk. Highs will be 89 to 92 degrees, and it will be fairly humid. There is only a very slight chance of a late afternoon or evening thunderstorm, with a better chance north and west of Long Island. - The cold front comes through tomorrow evening with thunderstorms. There could be some heavy downpours and gusty winds, especially for NYC and possibly into Nassau, but they should weaken somewhat by the time they get to Suffolk. We can track the storms more once we get to tomorrow. - In general, fair weather is expected from Thursday through the weekend. Highs will mostly be in the mid 80's with only moderate humidity levels. There is a very slight chance of a shower Friday night and Saturday, but nothing to worry about really. - Hurricane Erick (1st image) is still expected to weaken and stay south of Hawaii. Flossie could be a closer call, but it shouldn't pose any major problems for Hawaii. - The tropical wave out in the Atlantic has a decent chance of becoming a Tropical Storm or even a Hurricane next week. There is plenty of time to watch it, but it could affect the Virgin Island and Puerto Rico (most likely not as a hurricane), and anywhere from the Bahamas to Florida to North Carolina to Bermuda should continue to monitor the storm.

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