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Long Island Weather and an Update on Tropical Storm Dorian

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- Tropical Storm Dorian now has 60 mph winds, and it may still become a hurricane by the time it gets just south or Puerto Rico and near the Dominican Republic. However, the combination if increasing wind shear and possible interaction with the mountains of Hispaniola should cause significant weakening. Once it emerges back over open water (if it even does cross Hispaniola), it could re-strengthen into a strong Tropical Storm or even a hurricane as it approaches the Bahamas and maybe Florida. It's still a very uncertain forecast beyond day 4. The UKMET model actually has it cross Puerto Rico and then head towards the Florida Keys as a hurricane. Dorian is currently a very compact storm, which makes the intensity forecast even more problematic. I will continue to update. - Also, the system off the east coast still has an 80% chance of becoming a Tropical Depression, and then possibly Tropical Storm Erin.

Long Island weather: - Today: Mostly cloudy this morning with increasing amounts of sun this afternoon. Highs in the mid 70's with a northeast breeze still. - Tomorrow: Partly cloudy with highs in the mid 70's. - Wednesday: Partly cloudy, warmer, and more humid with highs near 80 degrees with an increasing chance of showers at night as the cold front moves through. Not expecting any severe weather. Maybe a brief moderate downpour with a rumble of thunder closer to midnight to 3 AM. - Nice weather returns for Thursday to Saturday with highs in the low 80's. Some rain could approach on Sunday.

- 1st image: Official information on Dorian from the National Hurricane Center.

- 2nd image: Tracks from the Euro ensemble members.

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