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Update on Humberto, Imelda, Jerry, future Karen, and Long Island

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- Humberto: It now has winds of 125 mph, and it raked Bermuda with wind gusts over 120 mph, even though the center passed approximately 100 miles to the northwest. It will now weaken and become extratropical by tomorrow night as it races out to sea. - Imelda: The remnants continue to bring tremendous flooding rains to eastern Texas with rainfall totals over 20 inches with rainfall rates as high as 5 inches per hour, bringing life-threatening flash flooding. The highest total I've seen is 28.11 inches of rain. The Euro and UKMET were showing this potential well in advance. - Jerry: It now has 70 mph winds with a pressure of 995 mb. It will become a hurricane today, but it's expected to peak as a Cat 1 and move just north of the Leeward Islands and curve north and pass close to Bermuda. - Future Karen: An area of disturbed weather is forecast to move off the coast of Africa and possibly become a tropical system fairly quickly. If no other tropical system forms in the Atlantic basin first, this will be named Karen. It's too soon to tell the eventual track, but it has a decent chance of curving north before getting to the islands. - Beautiful weather for Long Island with temperatures warming up this weekend with sunny skies. The only chance of showers will come Monday night into Tuesday morning as a cold front moves through, but then dry weather returns.

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