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Update on Jerry, Karen, and Future Hurricane Lorenzo

See the "My Personal Weatherman" Facebook page for frequent updates.

- Tropical Storm Jerry has 65 mph winds, and it's expected to pass northwest of Bermuda, but it could bring tropical storm conditions there. - Tropical Depression Thirteen (future Lorenzo) is expected to become a major hurricane this week; however, it's expected to curve northward towards the middle of the Atlantic. - Tropical Storm Karen is struggling to survive, but it's expected to bring tropical storm conditions to The Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico tomorrow into tomorrow night. Once it's north of the islands, it's expected to slow down as a strong ridge over the southeastern states builds eastward. This may cause Karen to stall or meander or loop around and possibly eventually steer Karen westward towards Florida. However, there is a large amount of uncertainty regarding both track and strength at that time. It definitely bears watching though, and the main Euro run brings it over the Florida Keys as a Cat 1 and then continues due west. The NHC thinks that Karen may even be downgraded to a Tropical Depression today or tomorrow, but still forecasts it to then strengthen later this week and be on the verge of hurricane status by Saturday.

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