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Coastal Storm for Long Island

See the "My Personal Weatherman" Facebook page for frequent updates.

- You can see in the images below that the strongest wind gusts and highest rainfall totals will be from eastern Suffolk out towards Cape Cod. - Most of the rain will be from this morning until early Friday morning, and there should be a break in the action tonight. The rain should be a little heavier tomorrow than today, especially in Suffolk. - The strongest wind gusts should be tomorrow morning into tomorrow night. Wind gusts generally up to 40 mph for Nassau, 45 mph for western and central Suffolk, and 50 mph for eastern Suffolk with 55 mph for Montauk. A Wind Advisory will probably be issued for central to eastern Suffolk for tomorrow into tomorrow night. - The showers should become more light and scattered by Friday afternoon, but it will still be windy, and on Saturday we should be between the storm offshore and a weakening cold front, so Saturday should be partly to mostly cloudy and basically dry.

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