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Snow, Record-Breaking Cold, and a Potential Coastal Storm

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- First, thank you to all of the military veterans!

- It will be really nice today on Long Island with mostly sunny skies and highs close to 60 degrees. It will be in the low 50's tomorrow morning as the rain begins, but temperatures will steadily drop into the mid 30's in the afternoon as the rain briefly changes to a wet snow for an hour or so before ending with little to no accumulation expected. The snow should end from approximately 2 PM for western Long Island to 4 PM for eastern Long Island. There should be a 3 hour period after the snow ends until the temperatures drop to freezing, so no icing is expected.

- Record-breaking cold tomorrow night into Wednesday for most of the east, and it will be windy. For Long Island, lows by Wednesday morning will be in the low 20's with a wind chill of around 10 degrees. Highs on Wednesday will only be from 32 to 34 degrees.

- The Euro is still showing the storm for later this week across northern Florida and then just off the Carolina coast this weekend with rain and wind for the coast. It's showing 100 mph wind gusts just offshore from the Carolina with potential gusts to 60 mph for the Outer Banks. It does show the rain making it up to Long Island and southern New England on Monday as the storm weakens.

- 1st image: Snow map from the Euro.

- 2nd image: Projected hourly temperatures on Long Island until 2 PM Tuesday from the National Weather Service.

- 3rd and 4th images: Maps from the Euro for 1 AM Sunday and 7 AM Monday.

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