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***70 mph gusts!! Wild weather ahead! Multiple storms! Colder air coming! Despite other models, Euro still has northeast snowstorm next Tues/Wed!***

- Sorry, I only have time for a brief update, but will have many more post ahead!

- The High Wind Warning for Long Island is now for gusts possibly as high as 70 mph!!! Peak gusts between 10 PM and 4 AM, latest east.

- You all know about the 2nd storm for Friday night into Saturday afternoon. The wind gusts won't be quite as high as in this storm.

- The Euro and a good portion of its ensemble members still show a potential northeast snowstorm for Tuesday into Wednesday next week (see 5th to 7th images), so stay tuned!

- 1st image: Max gusts from the HRRR model

- 2nd image and 3rd images: Snow and precipitation maps from the HRRR model

- 4th image: Excessive rainfall outlook for today through tonight

- 5th to 7th images: Maps from the Euro and Euro ensembles for next Tuesday evening/night

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