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A look at the potential large storm for late next week:

- This will be my final post until after 8:00 tonight. For now, you all know what to expect for Sunday (see previous posts). - We will also have a northeast storm on Tuesday with snow for New England and likely snow quickly changing to rain on Long Island. - All of the models are showing a large storm system affecting the eastern half of the United States late next week with large areas of snow, ice, and rain. The track is still uncertain at this time, so we don't yet know specifics as to where the rain/snow line will set-up, but to give a general idea, the following images are from the Euro (7 AM next Friday), Canadian (1 PM next Thursday), and GFS (1 AM next Friday). At this stage, the ensembles are more important to see. I will start focusing on this storm more tomorrow and especially Sunday.

Note: The 1st image is from, and the 2nd and 3rd images are from

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