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***After the storm tonight, models still split on snow potential for Tuesday into Wednesday morning as the mystery deepens!***

- You all know about the storm for tonight as it won't be quite as strong as the previous storm, but still an impactful storm with heavy rain and wind for Long Island overnight with more coastal flooding! Temperatures fall on Saturday as our cold period for the next 8 or 9 days begins on Sunday with Monday being even colder.

- The Euro (3rd image) for the 2nd run in a row has a miss on the storm for Tuesday. The GFS (4th image) has a big snowstorm, and the Canadian has snow inland with rain for the coast. The Euro ensembles (6th and 7th images) are split with some still showing a good snowstorm. The Model Blend snow amounts actually went up and are now at 5 to 6 inches for Long Island, and I would think a decent contribution to that is from the GFS. Shortly after I submit this post, the new GFS run will be coming out, so let's see what it shows.

- Stay tuned!

- 1st image: My 5-day forecast for Long Island

- 2nd image: Future radar for 3 AM tomorrow

- 3rd image: Map from the Euro for Tuesday

- 4th image: Map from the GFS for Wednesday morning into early afternoon

- 5th image: Model Blend snow map through Wednesday night

- 6th and 7th images: Maps from the Euro ensembles for Tuesday evening

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