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All of the latest snow maps:

  • There are still some differences in the models, which is to be expected at this range, so for now I will just post all of the snow maps.

  • We can fine-tune the snow amounts this weekend as we get within range of the higher-resolution, shorter-range models.

  • Also, it's nice to see others posting about this upcoming snowfall that I have been posting about for the last 7 days :-)

  • It still looks like the storm for next Thursday won't affect the northeast.

  • My next post won't be until between 8:00 and 9:00 tonight.

- 1st to 5th images: Snow maps from the Euro, UKMET, Canadian, ICON, and GFS, respectively.

- 6th to 10th images: Maps from the Euro for 1 AM Tues, 7 AM Tues, 1 PM Tues, 7 PM Tues, and 1 AM Wed.

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