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Amazing Northern Lights and some changes already for the snow tonight and this weekend:

- Check out the amazing Northern Lights photo from this past weekend, taken by Luis Vargas (@Meteovargas on Twitter).

- The new 06Z Euro and ensembles both shifted the light snow shield farther north for late tonight into early tomorrow morning. It still looks like around an inch for Long Island, but another shift north would increase snowfall amounts.

- Both the NAM and Euro now bring in the snow earlier on Saturday for Long Island. The NAM actually has it start in the late morning, although that seems unlikely, and the Euro has it start in the late afternoon.

- The 2nd image shows the projected snowfall through 10 AM Thursday from the new 06Z Euro run.

- The 3rd and 4th images are for 1 AM tomorrow and 7 PM Saturday from the new 06Z Euro run.

- I will continue to update with the latest information.

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