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Arctic blast will be no joke and still watching the 16th with some ensembles showing big snow:

- The Arctic blast for early next week has trended even colder with highs in the upper teens on Long Island on Tuesday with lows of 5 to 9 degrees early Wednesday morning.

- 5 of the 50 Euro ensemble members are showing a big snowstorm (greater than 10 inches) for Long Island around the 16th, so the odds are still low for now, with the odds in New England being a little higher. There will then be at least 2 more chances after that between the 19th and 26th.

- 1st image: Projected overnight lows by early Wednesday morning

- 2nd image: Projected snowfall for Long Island for the next 15 days as a running total from every Euro ensemble member

- 3rd image: My 5 day outlook for Long Island

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