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As I predicted, a catastrophic Cat 4 landfall soon with 130 mph winds and...

...and a 12 to 16 foot storm surge! Also, watching the potential for another major hurricane, and amazing weather for Long Island starts later today and then very warm early next week!

- Hurricane Idalia has reached Cat 4 status, like I have been predicting, with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph and a minimum central pressure of 940 mb! A catastrophic 12 to 16 foot storm surge is imminent!

- The Euro ensembles are showing a strong signal for another hurricane by next weekend with the potential for it to become a major hurricane as we approach mid-month (see Euro ensembles maps for the next 10 and 15 days in the 5th and 6th images below). As of now, the chances are low that it would reach the United States.

- After a possible shower or thunderstorm later this morning from the cold front, clearing skies with decreasing humidity this afternoon for Long Island and then no rain for at least 7 days with mostly sunny skies and low humidity through Saturday with slowly increasing humidity early next week and much warmer weather! See last image for Long Island forecast.

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