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August!! 2 more beautiful days with low humidity, rainfall amounts ramp up for Friday, a nice...

... weekend, and still no Emily.

- Welcome to August everyone, and it's starting out amazingly with 2 sunny days with low humidity and highs mainly in the upper 70's for Long Island and cool nights (see 2nd image for overnight lows tonight).

- Humidity and clouds begin to increase on Thursday along with chances for some showers and thunderstorms mostly in the evening and overnight.

- Humid on Friday with periods of showers and thunderstorms at times with some locally heavy downpours as rainfall amounts overall have ramped up, especially from the Euro and Euro ensembles (see 5th to 8th images for rainfall maps).

- It should clear up Saturday morning and be a nice weekend with mostly moderate humidity with highs mainly in the low 80's.

- We still haven't had Emily form in the tropics and the system that will pass well east of Bermuda may not even become Emily anymore.

- There are still a few rogue Euro ensemble members that bring a hurricane towards the United States towards the middle of the month, but the chances are low, so it's nothing to be concerned about right now.

- 1st image: My 5 day forecast for Long Island

- 2nd image: Projected lows by early tomorrow morning

- 3rd image: From the NHC

- 4th image: Euro ensembles for the next 15 days

- 5th to 8th images: Projected rainfall through Saturday morning from the Euro ensemble mean, Euro, Weather Prediction Center, and Model Blend

- 9th image: Model Blend temperatures for Long Island

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