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Brand-new 06Z Euro ensembles shows the potential hurricane as it heads ominously westward:

The 06Z Euro ensembles only go out 6 days, but you can see Invest 93L in the eastern Atlantic (gray lines) will stay weak as it heads west, and you can see Invest 94L hug the coast in the western Gulf of Mexico and bring flooding rains to Texas and Louisiana ( I will post maps for that later this afternoon). You can also see the potential hurricane out in the Atlantic (red and blue lines) as it heads ominously westward. It's too soon to tell the long-term track, but it will need to be watched closely, and that's exactly what I'll be doing for all of you. In addition, there may also be a tropical system develop just northeast of the Bahamas and head up along the east coast late next week. I'll be posting the all-important 12Z Euro ensembles later this afternoon.

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